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Business Growth Workshop Programme.

Our workshops are designed to help you develop your business in many different areas from Compliance to Branding, Leadership & Management to Mobile Content Creation and Procurement.
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Havering Business Community Support Meet-up

This networking event is only for businesses based in the London Borough of Havering. (plus a select few from neighbouring boroughs) Educational Spot, Guest Speaker: Kelly Thompson Roquito Ltd will be providing some useful tips and tricks to keep you running efficiently for longer.

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How to Boost Profits, Increase Customers, and be Ethical: Sustainability

By the end of the session you will be able to: • Understand why sustainability is good for business. • Identify ‘easy wins’ that are the first steps towards cutting your impact on the environment and drawing in the increasing number of socially conscious consumers. • Start to assemble the toolkit you’ll need as you…
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Workshop Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Really engaging, informative and pragmatic session that I found very useful. This has equipped me with the knowledge of funding opportunities, how to source them, and further help and support available for seeking funding and help with businesses.

How To Raise Finance
For Your Business
(Mar 2019)

Today’s session was really useful and has really heightened my awareness of potential cyber threats and how to safeguard my business/stakeholders from this. The speaker was brilliant and has given me a really good knowledge base on this area.

Cyber Security Awareness for SMEs
(Feb 2019)

Really useful workshop for my business. Highly Recommend!

Cash Flow Workshop: A Practical Guide From Blank Spreadsheet To Completed Forecast
(Jan 2019)

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PROMO 2 U…helping businesses make a lasting impression.

By taking advantage of the full range of Builidng Legcies Programme offerings, London Living Wage employer Promo 2 U have successfully gotten themselves in to a position where they have won contracts with London City Airport and most recently The Canary Wharf Group.

Contract & Tender Portals

With so many contract and tender opportunities available, we have brought together a range of portals that will help you find and apply for opportunities mainly in the Care, Construction and Creative/Digital Sectors.
Visit our opportunites page for more portal links

Explore and search business opportunities – gateway to many other portals

TED publishes 520 thousand procurement notices a year, including 210 thousand calls for tenders which are worth approximately €420 billion.

Browse current and upcoming tender opportunities with L&Q Construction.

Latest News & Tips

Goods Imported From The EU & China To GB: Taxes, Tariffs & Timeframes

Overview Some GB companies that import goods from the EU are experiencing delays due to problems and apparent anomalies with UK taxes, tariffs and other costs. This briefing will clarify[…]

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Repayment of Coronavirus Business Interruption/Bounce Back Loans… And A Preview of A New Government Support Scheme Overview Several companies that took out loans under the Government-backed Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan[…]

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Now Is the Time to Stand Out from The Crowd

During lean times, some businesses cut their advertising budgets to save money. Although this can give them short term relief, it will likely pave the way to long term loss[…]

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Who We Are

Building Legacies is an enterprise growth and procurement support programme which provides tailored solutions for London-based Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises seeking competitive business advantage. MORE ABOUT US

We offer high quality supply-chain brokerage services to main contractors, developers and buying organisations across all business sectors.


We offer FREE tailored business support to London-based SMMEs predominantly (but not exclusively) in the construction, digital and creative and care sectors.


We offer a range of  workshops, Master-classes, Meet-the- buyer  and Networking events for suppliers to support business growth and  enhance competitiveness.


What We Do


We understand how difficult it sometimes is to move forward and make decisions on your own or as part of a small team, that’s why we are here to support and advise you on a range of topics.


As current or previous business owners our Business Growth Managers (BGMs) have a wealth of valuable knowledge and experience to share through coaching and mentoring.


From setting your business goals and targets to establishing financial forecasts and survivial budgets, we are here to help you create and develop the right plans to achieve success!


We will help you research, identify and implement the right policies and compliance standards for the types of tendering and procurement opportunitites you wish to apply for.

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