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Developing your business plan

Developing your business plan

The below is a guest blog by Dr. Carlton Brown of Rathbone Results ahead of his upcoming workshop on ‘Developing your business plan’.

Carlton has been one of our dedicated trainers on the Building Legacies programme for the last five months, leading SME’s through topics such as Business Growth, Online marketing and e-commerce and now developing your business plan. You can learn more about Carlton, his history and get his contact details by clicking here.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, an SME, you started your business because you had a vision or were extremely good at something and had a passion and wanted to operate within that field. Alternatively, you may have identified a gap in the market and seized the opportunity to exploit that, or you went into business to be ‘your own Boss’.

At the start of your business journey or at some point in your business life, you will need to write a business plan, for yourself, banks, financial institutions or stakeholders. A business plan is a crucial step in making your ideas a reality. It gives you an opportunity to map out what exactly what you want to achieve, and how you will achieve it.

Operating a business is extremely challenging, generating new customers, marketing, selling, servicing, strategy, accounts, VAT, TAX, customers, quotations, suppliers etc etc … and all while trying to make a profit! Business is often challenged with a changing market environment, minimum wage, new business rates, inflation, suppliers, and changes in technology and all of the other factors which will impact on your business.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is that they do not revisit their business plan, or they don’t follow their business plan, or they change the plan when the business is not quite achieving the required outcomes. Getting started is always the hardest part. Faced with a blank piece of paper and the idea of writing down what you do now and where you want to be in the next 12 months is a daunting prospect.

The Building Legacies programme is designed to help develop, coach and support those business owners who want to develop their business. Attending this workshop will help you take a good look at your business in a fresh and innovative way.

This is a practical workshop, so bring along your laptop and come prepared to develop your new revised business plan which can help you develop new strategies for growth!

The six Ps for business

1. Proper
2. Planning
3. Preparation
4. Prevents
5. Poor
6. performance

You can attend Carlton’s next workshop by clicking here and registering your place today.


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