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7 tips to get your business ‘summer ready’

7 tips to get your business ‘summer ready’

As we draw near to the summer holidays, our business plans can often get put aside for the needs of the family and going on holiday.

Naturally we need to get some rest, have fun and take a break from the day to day running of a business, however business never stops and there are things that we always need to stay on top of.

Below are 7 tips that can help get your business ‘summer ready’

1. Inform clients of when and how to contact you over the holiday period.

2. Adopt integration and automation tools to keep things ticking over when you are not around, this is particularly good for marketing and communication activity.

3. Implement monitoring and security measures to ensure your business is being constantly protected.

4. Get support in. Whether it is a virtual assistant, a summer intern or a temp paid member of staff, extra support while you are away will help the business maintain a continuous service.

5. Create content on the go. If you have a smartphone, there is nothing stopping you from creating content on the go and you might feel a bit more creative and confident whilst out of your usual day to day setting.

6. Seek to apply and/or secure new opportunities for after the holiday season, September is always a good time to start on new projects so get searching from now.

7. Complete tasks and post-holiday planning before going away so you are fully focused on your time off!

Coincidentally our current programme of business development workshops will help you achieve some of the above with insights into:

  • leadership and management;
  • procurement and tendering;
  • mobile content creation; and 
  • GDPR

Check out workshops and if you need us we are always happy to help so email or call us on 020 7537 6480

Have a great summer!

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