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As the business owner you must be capable of many things.  You are all of the below and more;

  • Manager / Boss
  • Doing the work
  • Accounts Department
  • Marketing: Adverting / Sales
  • Customers: Meetings / Phone calls / Emails

If you consider juggling 5 balls and someone throws another ball in, for a while you will be able to handle it until another ball is thrown in, then eventually you will drop one. In business we are in danger of dropping a ball if we are not in control and unable to manage our time.
Here are 8 tips we have put together that we think will help you with managing your time effectively

1. Know your goals
Make sure you’re engaging in activities that support your business goals, both short- and long-term.

2. Prioritise wisely
Have specific goals to ensure positive progress.

3. Learn to say NO
Don’t take on more than you can do, to prevent letting down others.

4. Plan ahead
This is harder than it seems when you work alone.

5. Eliminate distractions
Manage social media and interruptions from friends/family.

6. Delegate more often
Save your own time as much as possible.

7. Watch what you spend
Remember how much time it took to earn it!

8. Take care of yourself
Ensure you take ‘time out’ to rest, recuperate and go on holidays.

We hope these tips prove useful to you as you aim to achieve your 2019 business goals. drop us a comment on how you manage your time and/or contact us for support.

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