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Are Local Borough Business Awards Worth Entering For?

Are Local Borough Business Awards Worth Entering For?

Image source: Royal Borough of Greenwich Best of Royal Greenwich Business Award 2019 winner ad Building Legaoies Client Grace Olugbodi (centre)

For the past 2 years, our Building Legacies Business Growth Manager (BGM) Clive Jelf has supported Greenwich based businesses with their applications to the Royal Borough of Greenwich for a Best of Royal Greenwich Business Award. Through the delivery of specialist workshops and 121 application support, 5 of Clive’s SME clients won awards in 2019 and one winner has now been appointed as a judge for the 2020 awards. With his experience and client success, Clive offers his thoughts and advice on entering for a local borough business award.

‘What do I win’ and ‘what do we get out of it’ are two of the most common questions I get asked when I approach SMEs trying to encourage them to apply for a business award. Also ‘is it worth the time and energy?’ is another question I get asked.

It is worth entering as what you win and what you get include:

  • Credibility
  • Free or inexpensive publicity and promotion
  • Elevated business profile
  • Access to new opportunities and contacts
  • Raised staff/team morale

A business award application makes you look at your business in a different way. When writing anything about your businesses, you are often trying to ‘sell’ the business’s product or service, however a business award entry form makes you look at your business from a different perspective.

Applying to win a business award makes you think about the impact your business has on the local economy and environment for a start. If you employ locally then that needs to be relayed, if your business has a Green agenda then that needs to be explained too. Judging panels are looking for activities and practices that make your Business stand out from the rest and it is for you to make sure you relay these impacts effectively. No one knows your business and its values better than you!

There may be up to ten award categories per event, which means you need to read the description of all the categories to see which one to enter. If you’re a plumber don’t expect to find a category for ‘Best Plumber of the year’ award, they won’t be that precise. You need to look at categories such as Small/Micro Business of the Year or Best Trade Business of the Year…it’s all in the wording.

Also, when completing the application form, be clear and avoid technical jargon that only you understand. Answer the questions asked of you, there’s no need to go into detail on turnover if it’s not being asked. Don’t lie or exaggerate either, you will be found out!

If you are intending on applying for a business award this year, make sure you submit a stellar application showing you are in it to win it. Good Luck!


Image source: Royal Borough of Greenwich
Best of Royal Greenwich Business Award 2019 winner and Building Legacies Client Grace Olugbodi (centre)

Author Bio

Clive Jelf is a Business Growth Manager (BGM) for the Building Legacies programme and specialises in real life business issues incl managing a meaningful work life balance, business planning and exit planning.

Clive provides the following areas of support to his Building Legacies clients: One to one business support with empathy and true understanding of day to day issues.

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