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Confidence coach and female entrepreneur discovers new business collaborations through Building Legacies networking!

Confidence coach and female entrepreneur discovers new business collaborations through Building Legacies networking!

Maureen Egbe, founder of MCE Consult, has 23 years of experience working within public sector organisations as a trainer and coach.  With a comprehensive background in IT Systems training, her passion for coaching was fully realised after being made redundant from the public sector.  Maureen went on to develop and deliver workshops and coaching programmes that helped her clients realise and accomplish their values and objectives by exercising and building their self confidence.  She has developed tools to tackle barriers to lack of confidence, and has mentored many clients to find and grow in confidence – both personally and in their businesses.

Maureen’s business model naturally evolved into 2 parts; “IT and Systems Training” and “Confidence Coaching”.  She knew she needed to grow the training element, and as a consequence she felt she needed to re-focus and clarify her direction in order to grow her business further.  She had previously worked with her current Business Growth Manager (Rob Bowles) on another funded programme, and as she fully appreciated the benefits of structured business support, she decided to join the Building Legacies programme to access even more in depth mentoring and coaching.

Maureen has since been working closely with Rob, who has helped her to really assess and develop her product and service offerings, and also define her unique selling points and business direction. Maureen also attended a number of the programme’s workshops and networking events, and began to build up a really robust network of businesses and associates.

Through the programme, Maureen was directed to an opportunity to deliver IT training for Newham College, and she was then able to collaborate and partner up with a fellow Building Legacies business in order to not only fulfil the brief, but also secure the business!

“The Building Legacies programme has enabled me to focus on my business goals and direction.  In effect I am now able to focus on offering 2 clearly defined propositions across both “IT Systems Training” and “Confidence Coaching”.  I now have a vastly improved understanding of the advantages of sales forecasting, and really knowing my value proposition.  I have been able to work with other businesses on the programme to develop new exciting training programmes and workshops and  the  contacts  I have made through registering on Building Legacies have been invaluable”

Maureen Egbe – Founder of MCE

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