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Now Is the Time to Stand Out from The Crowd

During lean times, some businesses cut their advertising budgets to save money. Although this can give them short term relief, it will likely pave the way to long term loss of revenue. What if a shop owner, fearing a recession and loss of trade, turned off the lights in their window display to save money…
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7 Golden Top Tips to Being A Good Manager

Research has found that 70% of people in management roles are not well prepared for the job. Most companies understand the importance of having highly effective managers, but few invest heavily in training to help them get there. Managing is a skill that can be learned. Every day pick one new skill that will help…
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7 Top Tips – To Winning A Contract

Research and preparation – Do Your Homework Plan well ahead and put together a timetable/schedule for completing your tender. Be aware, it will take much longer than you think, and submission deadlines are rarely extended.  2. Be aware of the impact Study the tender so that you have a good understanding of the issues your…
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An Overview of Virtual Event Software Platforms

After what feels like an eternity of the lockdown period, Covid-19 has resulted in a ban on face to face events since March 2020, pushing all meetings and events online – creating the virtual experience. Some have been more successful than others, largely due to the following few reasons: Copying & pasting the whole live…
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Social Media, Does It Work for Business?

Social media is a 21st century revolution in communication for individuals and businesses. Any business that does not embrace it is not keeping up with their competition and faces losing more than just a revenue stream. It also faces losing its marketing edge, its ability to communicate key messages and point potential clients to its…
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