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Confidence coach and female entrepreneur discovers new business collaborations through Building Legacies networking!

Maureen Egbe, founder of MCE Consult, has 23 years of experience working within public sector organisations as a trainer and coach. She knew she needed to grow the training element of her business, and as a consequence she felt she needed to re-focus and clarify her direction in order to grow her business further. She decided to join the Building Legacies programme to access more in depth mentoring and coaching.

Dynamyk Events creates a more sustainable business with the help of a Building Legacies mentor

With more than 15 years in the business, Michelle Fanus, Director of Dynamyk Events had reached a point where she was struggling with the business. She was failing to maintain a steady cash flow and she was unclear of her business proposition and her target audience. She registered with Building Legacies who helped take her business to the next level.

Ndulge sees an increase in sales with the support of the business lab…

Ndulge, are makers of handmade natural skincare remedies derived from fusing old traditional remedies with today’s modern alchemy for natural, luxurious and environmentally kind skincare treatments.