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Vaccines are not the only weapons we can deploy to get our lives back to normal.

It has been a long year and being isolated from others is beginning to feel like a way of life. Working from home, treating Zoom as a routine way of communicating not just with the office but with friends and loved ones. We’ve been getting so used to standing apart and talking through masks, avoiding…
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The Three Things You Need to Consider When Thinking About Money

I spend a decent chunk of my time helping people, typically aged 50+ and having built a decent level of wealth, answer one clear question… Have I got enough? Even though individuals come to see us initially because they want to better organise their pensions, or make sure their investments are working as hard as…
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Healthy Business Lifestyle

If you’re a business owner, I am guessing that you are immensely proud of what you do, have a passion for your craft and, whilst at times it seems having a business is the hardest thing, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Having a business is an amazing achievement, but it can also lead…
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An Overview of Virtual Event Software Platforms

After what feels like an eternity of the lockdown period, Covid-19 has resulted in a ban on face to face events since March 2020, pushing all meetings and events online – creating the virtual experience. Some have been more successful than others, largely due to the following few reasons: Copying & pasting the whole live…
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