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An Overview of Virtual Event Software Platforms

After what feels like an eternity of the lockdown period, Covid-19 has resulted in a ban on face to face events since March 2020, pushing all meetings and events online – creating the virtual experience. Some have been more successful than others, largely due to the following few reasons: Copying & pasting the whole live…
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SMMEs will have access to a series of events and workshops as well as; Master-classes, Meet-the- buyer events, Round Table discussions and Networking events with buyers and suppliers to support business growth and enhance their competitiveness.


Businesses can benefit from a structured programme of tailored business support via dedicated mentoring, coaching and extensive training workshops and events, as well as access to buyers and contract opportunities.


The programme supports buyers’ local procurement strategy obligations through the facilitation of SMME supply-chain diversification, fast-to- market brokerage and provision of real-time buyer-to- supplier tracking and monitoring.