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Category: Tax

Building Legacies Briefing

Chancellor of The Exchequer’s UK Economic Update – 24th September 2020 During the last six months the UK Government has initiated a number of state-funded schemes and interventions to support businesses and individuals who have been adversely affected economically as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the largest support packages is the Coronavirus…
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Extended Tax Cut For Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & National Supplies

The Government has announced the temporary scrapping of VAT on PPE for use in infection control has been extended until 31st October – saving care homes and businesses dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak about £155 million. The import duty on PPE continues to be zero rated. The decision, which will make it easier and less…
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How to Treat Certain Expenses and Benefits Provided to Employees During COVID-19 Update

The government have released an updated guidance on how to treat certain expenses and benefits provided to employees during COVID-19. This guidance is about Income Tax treatment only. National Insurance contributions treatment may vary depending on the individual benefit or expense. Find out about taxable expenses and benefits when they are paid to employees because…
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