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I hope your all staying safe and doing what’s necessary to keep you, and that business of yours, healthy. You may recall that way back in the olden times of Dec 2018 we said, “The home alone freelancing life has many benefits; however, it’s not without its challenges.” Fast-forward 15 months and the restrictions of…
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How To Prioritise: Top 10 tips

Crossing off those to-do tasks is a very satisfying thing, but the brutal prioritising process that sees fun tasks drop to the bottom and the most hated and difficult tasks rise to the top can be more than a little challenging. If you’re stuck with how to decide what’s important when everything on your list feels crucial, then…
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Top Tips Guide to Recruiting a Freelancer

Hiring freelancers can be a flexible, cost-effective way to bring new skills and fresh perspectives into your business, whilst freeing you to focus on other areas of development. It can help you to be more competitive and to complete projects faster, without permanently adding to your overheads. Freelancers are self-employed workers who usually work from…
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Planning a well-executed business meeting

I am sure you have all experienced meetings only to walk out wondering what was achieved and what the purpose was. Hopefully, the following steps will help you successfully plan meetings that will invigorate your team and generate specific outcomes to grow the business. Step 1: Consider what the purpose of the meeting is? This is…
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Top 10 tips for book-keeping success.

A robust book-keeping system will be essential if you’re to run business efficiently. No matter how big or small your business, you should ensure that your record keeping is up to date and accurate. This will help you make informed decisions regarding the financial standing of your business. Read on as we list the Building…
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As the business owner you must be capable of many things.  You are all of the below and more; Manager / Boss Doing the work Accounts Department Marketing: Adverting / Sales Customers: Meetings / Phone calls / Emails If you consider juggling 5 balls and someone throws another ball in, for a while you will…
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7 Tips For Starting Up A Business

Nowadays it looks like everyone wants to be their own boss, to become an entrepreneur and with this there is a lot of excitement at the beginning to become successful. But the reality is that success may be a long time coming and we aren’t fully prepared  for the journey. This sometimes leaves us feeling…
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9 Tips For a Better Work Life Balance

‘Work guilt’ is a real issue for the small business owner. The feeling that you should ‘be doing something’ but not sure what, results in unnecessary hours working on the business away from family life. This usually impacts negatively on both the business and life in general. To help alleviate this issue and to get…
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Visually Presenting Data

Do you ever find yourself faced with a bunch of pretty boring numbers that you want to communicate in an exciting way but don’t know how to even begin? Robust figures can add substance to any business argument; however, you need to move away from cross-eyed inducing spreadsheets that take ages to decipher into the…
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Have you thought about your assets recently?

Business owners often forget that one of their most valuable assets within their business is good, loyal staff. Many argue that it’s a challenge to find quality team members. The question to ask is once you have hired the right person, bearing in mind you have probably spent a lot of time effort and possibly money getting them to join your company, what actions are you doing to retain and nurture them?