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ELBP SME Marketplace Terms and Conditions


The ELBP SME marketplace provides you with a simple online business listing on the East London Business Place (ELBP) website  –

The marketplace listing provides more visibility for you on the internet especially on search engines such as Google.


This first phase of the marketplace is a promotional platform only, with the aim of helping you:

  • take advantage of online/digital exposure
  • connect to a wider network
  • become more visible to potential buyers, locally, nationally and internationally
  • and ultimately win more work!

It has been designed to enable direct contact with businesses and for profiles to be shared directly from your profile page.


Businesses listed on the ELBP SME marketplace will be promoted on a weekly basis via our 4 social media platforms, websites, general and sector specific newsletters. Once shared by us we expect that you and others will share your profiles online, helping to reach a wider audience.

  • Businesses that are offering discounts or timely offers will be prioritised in promotions and will be provided with a monthly feature spot as per the left sidebar
  • Featured businesses maybe prominently displayed on the homepage too
  • Your listing can be searched by business category and we may use this category to promote your business and others within it – especially in our sector specific newsletters
  • Borough tags will be added to your listing so you can be searched based on location as well as business category – this will allow browsers to see what services are available in their area – further encouraging spending on a local level.


You will complete an  expressions of interest form with the relevant information and as long as your business listing meets the following criteria, your business will be listed on the marketplace.

Once the listing is completed you and your BGM will be notified, which then allows you to share your listing on social media, email signatures and other means of communication.


In order to be accepted on to the marketplace you will be required to:

  • be registered on ELBP’s Building Legacies programme – find out more here
  • provide a domain related email for example  or etc. (We will not accept Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other free email address)
  • provide a high resolution business logo ( add dimensions here)
  • provide a link to your domain related website and/or social media links
  • submit a 25 word business summary – (Provide a concise description on what your business does and for who)

If you are lacking in any of these areas, get in touch with your BGM to obtain the support your business needs to be marketplace ready.


If you have a special event, offer, discount or new service that you would like us to promote then you can do this at any time by completing this form.  You must make sure that the form is completed to its fullest and any related links and media (images, videos, logos, graphics etc.) are uploaded on submission.

The type of offer, discounts and services you can submit include:

  • Percentage or fixed amount discount (eg 10% or £10 off)
  • Buy one get one free offer
  • Free consultation or follow up service after buying a service or product.
  • Special offer for attendees of an event, webinar or course
  • New service that you think would be beneficial to our SMEs

Seasonal and short term offers would need to be submitted with enough time for us to promote it

The types of events that you can submit include:

  • Networking events
  • Business forums
  • Local trading opportunities such as specialist and seasonal markets/pop-up opportunities.

If there is anything else you think of, please feel free to send it over and we will take a look at it.

For your convenience we have noted the newsletter deadline dates as a guide for when to make submissions to ensure they are included or promoted in line with these dates.

Newsletter  month/year Submission deadline
November 2019 2 October
December 2019 1 November
January 2020 6 December
February 2020 8 January
March 2020 5 February
April  2020 4 March
May 2020 1 April
June 2020 29 April
July 2020 3 June
August 2020 8 July
September 2020 5 August


We unfortunately do not have the resources to chase up on incomplete expressions of interest and offer forms. So the onus is on you to make sure your submissions are well written and completed with the right information, links and media.  If your form is deemed incomplete we may not publish your listing. If you need help to draft your submission(s), contact your BGM for support.


We will be tracking the performance of your marketplace listing link on a weekly basis. However this method does not provide us with impactful information that will allow us to judge how effective your listing is and the overall marketplace as a whole.

With this in mind we will be requesting feedback from you on a timely basis, which may be in the form of a survey, via direct email or via your BGM.

Once you are listed on the marketplace you agree to allow us to contact you to find out if and how you have benefited from being listed on the marketplace.

Last updated 26/09/19