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How to get effective results with a 90 day business plan

How to get effective results with a 90 day business plan

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In business we are often encouraged to put yearly plans in place and some of us even create 5 and 10 year plans, which is great; however, sometimes we need to break these BIG plans down into smaller plans.

Why? Well with all the tasks and targets we set, in our long term plans, we may end up feeling overwhelmed by it all and end up not achieving as much as we intended. This may especially be the case when we are in the start-up and growth stages of our business where we may start to lose track and end up losing momentum and motivation.

 On the Building Legacies programme we have tried and tested a ‘90 day plan’ that from the outset aims to help you achieve more in a shorter timeframe. The 90 day plan has provided clear achievable results for our clients, ensuring they stay on track, remain accountable and work towards achieving what they set out to do.

If you are already a Building Legacies client, your Business Growth Manager (BGM) will be on hand to support and make you accountable so you stick to your 90 day plan. If you are not a Building Legacies client and would like to join us on this workshop, choose the register as a building legacies member ticket, complete the booking form and we will get you registered and set up with a BGM as soon as possible.


Workshop Outline

In this half day interactive workshop you will be taking part in group discussions and be expected to have completed your 90 day plan by the end of the session.  As Business owners you need to be accountable, just like employees do, so your BGM will follow up afterwards to offer support and to keep you accountable and focussed.  After 90 days, we will meet again to review results and set another 90 days plan. 


Workshop Content

  • Identifying and setting clear business goals and targets for the next 90 days

  • Completing a detailed action plan that is simple to navigate and understand

  • Discussing vision, focus, culture and enthusiasm required for the next 90 days

  • Gaining a clear understanding of what does and doesn’t work in your business

  • Understanding how to prioritise effectively, take ownership and be accountable; leading to results

  • Touch on creative thinking and problem solving to help you think ‘outside the box’


Who should attend?

This workshop is for business owners who:

  • are looking to improve, streamline, grow your business or project

  • feel that they can’t manage their time effectively

  • lack direction due to not being accountable (No Boss)

  • regularly miss important deadlines or feel it could have gone better

  • are willing to work smart as well as hard and be open to thinking in new ways




Can I attend this event if I am not a Building Legacies Member?

Yes, please select the ‘Register as a Building Legacies Member to attend’ ticket option. Complete the registration form and once we have received your order, we will contact you to finalise the registration process.

How many people from my organisation can attend the event?

2 maximum

Do you take photos at your events?

‘Yes we do, as part of our marketing strategy, we regularly take photos during our events to use on our website, email newsletters, social media and other promotional materials. If you are not comfortable about being in our photos please specify in your order and remind us during the event so we do not include you.

Is there a cancellation charge?

No, however as we cover the full cost of running the event, we would appreciate 24 hours notice or that you cancel your ticket 24 hours before the event, which will allow another business on our waiting list to take the space or for us to reduce our costs.


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