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For Buyers


Through its various support programmes, ELBP aims to add value to each buyer’s local purchasing obligations, requirements and procurement strategies. ELBP works in an advocacy and enabling role, supporting buyers by helping them to diversify and refresh their supply chains via access to a local talent-pool of quality small, medium and micro enterprises. Buyers can access and select suppliers from a real-time database of fit-for-purpose suppliers, and have many opportunities to engage on a face-to-face basis at Round Table, Meet-the-Buyer and Networking events.

Flexible Face-to-face service

ELBP provides tailored supply chain brokerage according to buyer need, referring companies that have been through a stringent validation process and a programme of structured coaching and mentoring support to improve accreditations, credentials and competitiveness.

Effective Supply Chain Brokerage

The system is designed to ensure timely responses to buyers’ complex supply chain needs. With an extensive and comprehensive database facility, it can provide prompt and concise information on relevant local SMMEs, thereby facilitating a material reduction in search time.


The programme works with buyers to develop and market effective meet-the-buyer, meet-the-supplier, roundtable and networking events, all designed to facilitate open and meaningful dialogue between buyers, their supply-chains and relevant SMMEs.

Corporate Responsibility

Many organisations are now working towards achieving their own corporate responsibility and responsible local procurement strategy objectives and targets. Buyers and their supply chains can confidently procure through the programme and monitor and track their local impact via the real-time database.