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The Government wants help from businesses to increase testing capacity.

Their current target of 100,000 tests per day will double to 200,000 tests per day from 1st June – and they need some specific assistance as detailed below.

What’s needed:

In the short term, they want to hear specifically from companies who can manufacture and supply:

  • Consumables and equipment for Coronavirus testing, in particular test kits (such as nose and throat swabs, transport media and vials) and RNA extraction lab consumables (such as reagents, plates and pipette tips)
  • New or existing types of Coronavirus tests for antigens or antibodies. These must meet the requirement set out by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). MHRA has published the specification for the required antibody test (see ‘How to Help’ section below)

They also want to hear from:

  • Public or private sector organisations that can offer laboratory capacity. They have published further guidance about the criteria laboratories need to meet to partner with a local NHS trust
  • Groups of organisations that can deliver a high throughput, end-to-end process that integrates home-based blood sampling with lab processing, using an ELISA or equivalent antibody test at a specificity >98% and sensitivity >95%. The solution should be able to deliver at least 10,000 tests a day in the first instance, with the potential to rapidly scale by mid-July. The group should nominate a lead organisation to act as a single point of contact with the Government and proposals should be submitted immediately. See the serology end-to-end technical specification (PDF, 48.8KB, 2 pages) and serology end-to-end guidance (PDF, 222KB, 5 pages)

The Government have teams of experts evaluating all the offers received. To ensure that their time is used most effectively, please use the forms below, which ensure your offers meet their requirements and can be directed to the right expert group. You will be contacted as quickly as possible if your support is needed.

How to help

Help supply materials and equipment

Help supply complete testing methods

Help provide laboratory capacity

Help provide new testing methods in 4 key areas

You can also help provide other forms of support, including personal protective equipment (PPE) for testing laboratories.



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We hope you have found this briefing useful, and we will of course issue further advice and guidance Bulletins as the Covid-19 situation develops.

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