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Have you thought about your assets recently?

Have you thought about your assets recently?

Business owners often forget that one of their most valuable assets within their business is good, loyal staff. Many argue that it’s a challenge to find quality team members. The question to ask is once you have hired the right person, bearing in mind you have probably spent a lot of time effort and possibly money getting them to join your company, what actions are you doing to retain and nurture them?


Research shows that engaged, happy employees are around 40% more productive. As a consequence, the profit margins of such companies who invest time effort and energy in creating this culture are significantly higher than their competitors.

So what can you do to contribute to get the best of your team?

Here are Simon Lewin’s top 8 tips for creating a balanced business culture for your staff.

  1. Keep your finger on the pulse – take time out to understand the person, not just the employee.
  2. Look at their world through their eyes.
  3. Listen and value their opinion– breed loyalty.
  4. Mutual respect. Be firm but fair.
  5. Remember no business should be dependent on one individual, but it is important that the people you employ feel part of your vision.
  6. Recognise commitment and successes.
  7. Deliver criticism in a positive way.
  8. Self – reflection – Are you expecting them to consistently overperform?

Just remember you only recognise how good something was once you have lost it!

Author Bio

Simon Lewin is a Business Growth Manager (BGM) for the Building Legacies programme and specialises in – Strategies for Winning Business, Face-to-Face Sales and Pitching and Presenting.

Simon provides the following areas of support to his Building Legacies clients: Building business relationships, Sales Retention/ Growth, and Implementing measurable achievable and sustainable processes.


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