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How Can You Make Your Website More User Friendly?

How Can You Make Your Website More User Friendly?

Gone are the days when websites were nothing more than a page of scant information with a tiny font and out of focused images. Whilst some websites may still look like this, for most businesses with an online presence there is an understanding that a website should look as good as possible.

We live in a competitive age, where businesses that do what you do are peering over your digital online shoulder. Consequently, it’s important that you take the time and think of ways you can stand above the opposition and entice people to choose you over them. So, what does that mean in practice? What are the steps you can take to make sure that your website really is as user friendly as it could be?

TIP ONE – Has your website been built on a mobile friendly platform?

As mobile internet traffic continues to increase, you’d be mad not to take advantage of this audience by having the right type of website. If your visitors must pinch and expand the page to read the text, then you’re going to lose customers. Improve the user experience and conversion rate by building your site on the right type of platform that gives a streamlined experience across all devices.

TIP TWO – Is your website easy to navigate with clear navigation buttons?

Most websites follow a similar structure which includes, a home, about, services, portfolio and contact page, just to name a few. Planning your navigation and prioritising your pages is imperative to making the viewing of your website as easy as possible. Limit the number of items in your menu and consider creating appropriate drop-down menus. This will all help towards encouraging your users to engage, peruse and buy.

TIP THREE – Are your contact details easy to locate?

No longer is it OK to have your phone number only visible on your contact us page. You can optimise better user engagement by adding your contact details in your footer (so that it appears at the bottom of every page) and hyperlinked on individual pages. This can take the form of the actual number or as a Call to Action buttons.

TIP FOUR – Can you add more visual elements to your website?

As the saying goes: ‘A photo tells a thousand words…’ The inclusion of high-resolution photos that clearly convey your products and services will do wonders for your business. If you offer a service, like a builder or a hairdresser, then show before and after photos of your creations. Ensure that all images you use are crystal clear; as blurry, poorly framed photos may convey a negative image of your company.

TIP FIVE – How do you explain what you do?

It is all well and good you knowing what you do, but are your offerings clear to your potential customers? If you sell products, have good clear descriptions of what they are, how they work and so on. This will help minimise the chances of your products being returned. If you offer a service, avoiding talking jargon and explain your offerings in everyday language. Having clear headings, throughout each page, will make absorbing the text easier (and quicker) to read. People are time-poor, so make your website a breeze to read through.

Author Bio:

Tracey and Christine are founders of Perfect Layout Digital Marketing. A website design and digital marketing agency based in Romford, Essex. Their intention is to empower small business owners to take advantage of the benefits that the digital world has to offer and pass on knowledge through the deliverance of quality website designs, digital marketing and more.

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