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Is Cooking Your Worst Nightmare?

Is Cooking Your Worst Nightmare?

For some people the answer to the question “is cooking your worst nightmare” would be a resounding, yes, yes, and yes. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s explore a few reasons why?

Firstly, cooking can be meditative.

With busy lives and demanding routines, more and more people are looking for ways to cook mindfully.

In the words of Professor Mark Williams, former Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, “mindfulness is knowing directly what is going on inside and outside of ourselves moment by moment”.

If lockdowns teach us anything, it would be that we all have different triggers that lead to poor mental health. For some of us inactivity and feelings of not being in control or not being able to create something out of nothing is a BIG deal.

Mindful cooking is about learning to keep mental stress at bay while preparing something delicious. By learning to make a connection with your space, your tools and of course your ingredients, this connection truly becomes an excellent way to de-stress and enjoy your time in the kitchen. With all that in place, you will be amazed at the depth and quality of your food and the joy that comes with it.

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Secondly, cooking can be so much fun!

According to the Oxford dictionary the word fun relates to moments of “light-hearted pleasure, amusement enjoyment, merrymaking” It’s possible to assume that people started associating cooking with fun times when TV chefs began their cooking series in beautiful kitchens.

However, cooking fun exists within families; remember those days helping your parents in the kitchen? Chopping vegetables with your sibling and making funny faces? Think back to when you made your first cooked meal and what a sense of accomplishment it gave you.

Cooking, when you know how, is certainly full of enjoyment.

Thirdly, cooking is a social activity.

Let’s consider the idea of sports. Unlike individual sports, people agree that team sports are social.

We love referring to team sports as social because we get to interact with other people, in ways that are nice and hopefully kind. We chill and we chat through many team activities and spend time making new friends or getting to know old friends better.

In many ways, the camaraderie that takes place in team events and often blossoms, is why some psychologists describe cooking as “nurturing”. In a sense it helps us feel better when we cook for someone else.

It is hugely beneficial to have someone cook for you when you’re tired but even more rewarding when you cook a meal with a friend and you both enjoy it.

Fourthly, cooking is sustainable and key to food sustainability.

There’s a lot of confusion about sustainability so it’s worth defining.

At Greenwich Pantry we recognise that sustainability has many facets involving organisations and individuals working towards long term goals.

So, simply put, for Greenwich Pantry sustainability is about ensuring business decisions made now, do not negatively impact future generations. This happens in many ways such as supporting the Living wage movement, endeavouring to be a Good Business, and knowing that every business can be a force for good through associating with organisations like Heart of the City. More about them later.

About food sustainability, it is ensuring that our actions as a small business help and promote long term benefits to our communities (employees, customers partners and wider public) and not negatively impact the environment we operate in.

With the above in mind, cooking is a sustainable activity because it can be done in a way that is beneficial to society. For instance, cooking can be taught to young, old, and middle aged for a healthy balanced future, particularly when it involves ingredients produced without harm to the environment. and considers the well-being of the people involved in growing or making it.

Sure, it’s easy to think cooking is a nightmare but we hope that the reasons we have shared will help you think again and that you will know that the best antidote to feelings of cooking nightmare is cooking with REAL love.

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Greenwich Pantry is an ethical food business and began life in Greenwich SE10.

With a love for good food, artisan foods, locally sourced and specialty ‘free-from’ foods we began to show clients how to cook delicious healthy food with amazing ingredients.

Our cooking school is the centrepiece and offers a wide range of classes for beginners and seasoned cooks across all ages. Classes are styled to suit your needs, groups or bespoke.

Our goal is to enliven passion for good food and bring people together by promoting all that’s good about food.


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