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Morton Patterson

Morton Patterson

Business Growth Manager

Morton Patterson (BA Hons, NLP Prac) is a practicing coach, business consultant and facilitator and has over 15 years experience in business consulting and facilitation.  Before starting Morton Patterson Consulting, he worked as an IT adviser for Ernst & Young and now works with small business owners in the UK and internationally

He founded Morton Patterson Consulting n 2005 and specialises  in helping clients to know their value and package their services  He writes about knowing your value, and the importance of having a strong sense of awareness and confidence in your own value, as this shows up in your relationships, the fees you charge and how you conduct yourself.

Morton is gifted in his calm open manner and ability to support clients with practical strategies that can be applied. He is a first class communicator, and an experienced presenter with an engaging and inspirational style.

Contacting Morton

Phone: 020 7537 6476
Mobile: 07816 291 951


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