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Social Media, Does It Work for Business?

Social Media, Does It Work for Business?

Social media is a 21st century revolution in communication for individuals and businesses. Any business that does not embrace it is not keeping up with their competition and faces losing more than just a revenue stream. It also faces losing its marketing edge, its ability to communicate key messages and point potential clients to its most valuable asset, its website.

Social media advertising has changed the way we do business. We can now, having gained access to the clients browsing and buying patterns, be able to direct our message to the very people who we want to buy from us. Traditionally we had to adopt a scatter gun approach to reaching clients, now using social media we can quickly get our message straight on to their devices.

Still not sure if social media works? Let’s look at one of the big players in the social media field, Porsche. I have followed and admired the way they do social media for a few years and they are real experts at it! Not only do they entice you, but they indulge your fantasy about not only owning a new one, but they also sell you the dream of owning an old one. They make us believe that if you own a Porsche, it will always be in vogue. With first class imagery they make you want to visit their website and, if you are fortunate to, buy one!

Social media should be viewed as a part of your marketing strategy and should have the same importance as, say, networking. Big blue-chip companies do not play at social media and nor should SME’s. Learn, watch and embrace how other businesses use it to market themselves.

Having started two company social media campaigns from scratch I have learnt it is something you can master yourself but if you’re unsure, delegate it to an expert. The bottom line is that social media does work for business and if you’re not using it you may not get as far ahead in your field as you would like.

Author Bio

Clive Jelf is a Business Growth Manager (BGM) for the Building Legacies programme. Clive, having successfully owned and run two businesses within two different sectors, he is now helping many businesses with real life business issues including day to day planning and operations, creating revenue streams, managing a meaningful work life balance, exit planning and expanding.

Clive provides support and guidance to his Building Legacies clients, through one to one business support with empathy, realism and true understanding of day to day issues.