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Winning Tenders and PQQs

Winning Tenders and PQQs

Understanding the procurement systems used by major organisations, Councils and developers is essential if you want to be a preferred supplier and win new business. This insightful workshop is designed for businesses looking to expand their knowledge of procurement and improve their success rate when bidding for contracts and tenders.

Workshop Content

This workshop will include:

– Ideas of where to find new business opportunities
– What you’ll need to demonstrate in order to be a credible supplier
– How to talk about your strengths and skills
– Give you an insight on how to improve your current tenders

The session will use practical exercises, discussions and real life examples to help you understand your current position and plan your next steps.
How will attending this workshop benefit you?

– Understand how large organisations choose their suppliers
– Hear about the different processes that are used, and why
– Be able to assess your chances of success right from the start
– Get ideas and resources to help you access new business opportunities
How much does it cost?

This workshop is free of charge.
How do I attend? 

Please email the RSVP to  with attendee name/s, company name and any special requirement.

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